Friday meeting with influencers: this week Karolina’s World. She lives in Rome, is a full time mom and marketing consultant with a passion for food, travels and fashion of course. Do you want to know more about her? Then definitely keep on reading and check out her amazing instagram account here.


How did you start your blog and your professional instagram account?

Around 3 years ago when I loved to Rome to do my Masters degree I realzised that living in such a wonderful place gives me a lot of opportunities to share travel tips and hidden gems of Italian cities. Later on I have noticed that my followers are asking me about my outfits and looks, which then inspired me to dedicate my page more to fashion.

What makes you and your style unique?

I believe that I have found a style which is a mix of mass market, custom-made and luxury brands. I like to be different , from an elegant business woman to a sporty teenager and clothes along with makeup are a perfect tool for it.

How can brands contact you if they want to collaborate?

Brands usually contact me through email or simply direct message on Instagram.

Which collaboration will you never forget?

I love all of my collaborations as I always choose very thoroughly  the brands and the products that I want to work with. My favourite collaborations were with Triangl swimwear, The Peachbox jewellery and Ivyrevel, which is a brand owned by a blogger Kenza Zouiten. The most unusual one was with a dental clinic as at the beginning it seamed strange to advertise this kind of product, however I loved how modern, innovative and professional it was and hence went for it!

Do you have any tips for our readers who like to start working as an influencer or a blogger?

In 2018 there is a huge competition on Instagram as a lot of young people think being an influencer and a content creator is an easy job. Hence one’s task is to get in a certain niche and create interest by sharing genuine,  high quality content. Since I have become a mum, one niche that I opened up for myself is motherhood. I started working with brands that supply amazing products for kids. Being an influencer full time requires a full dedication and a lot of work producing great photos and posts.

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